Borghegn Yachtdesign are master design experts for any type of floating vessel or construction. As well as supporting companies and individual customers with their visions for a floating vessel, we have also offered consultancy services for permanent floating constructions, such as bathing facilities supported by pontoons in Copenhagen and Aalborg.

Stability and cetificates

Borghegn Yachtdesign can verify and issue stability certificates according to the Danish regulations for fishing vessels or passenger vessels. The company is also able to issue certificates relating to the length of ships, or certificates for houseboats.


Borhegn Yachtdesign can improve your ship’s performance; speed or seaworthiness by designing a new keel, different type of rig, or changing the shape of the hull.


Borghegn Yachtdesign can estimate the current value of ship, or the extent of damage on ships, and survey the quality of new constructions.


Borghegn Yachtdesign are also able to support customers with 2D and 3D construction and visualization software, and have special naval software to deal with any design aspect for floating constructions.
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